Embedding source code into powerpoint.

  • Embedding code snippets in power point for any presentation is a painful task , as there is no support to format the code or present it with proper indentations or the way code is shown in an editor
  • One trick is to grab the screen shot and then paste it on powerpoint but the end result is not good most of time.
  • carbon.now.sh is a web based application which helps to capture the images of source code and present it beautifully in powerpoint
  • You can drop a file to the editor, append a gist or even type the code . The tool allows to export the snippet in image format, which can be embedded into power point.
  • Once you’ve got all of your code into Carbon, you can customize your image by changing the syntax theme, background color, window theme, padding, shadows, fonts, and more.
  • You can also the final source code or export it to be used in any other application also apart from powerpoint.
  • Details of this open source project can be found at : https://github.com/carbon-app/carbon

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