Mac keyboard shortcuts

A short blog to share Mac keyboard shortcuts that i use on a day to day basis for better productivity The shortcuts that i have compiled in this list are primarily for Taking Screenshot To Lock . Logout , Close Open windows Navigating between open applications Some short cuts for Safari or other web browsers … Continue reading Mac keyboard shortcuts

What is .gitignore and how do i generate or write one?

gitignore file is used to specify files which should be untracked by Git. Each line of the file represents a filename, directory, or pattern. When git looks for changes in your working directory, it will automatically ignore any file that matches an entry in your .gitignore file. For example, when working for a java spring … Continue reading What is .gitignore and how do i generate or write one?

Embedding source code into powerpoint.

Embedding code snippets in power point for any presentation is a painful task , as there is no support to format the code or present it with proper indentations or the way code is shown in an editor One trick is to grab the screen shot and then paste it on powerpoint but the end … Continue reading Embedding source code into powerpoint.

Kubernetes Namespaces & Kubens

As you start deploying Pods, Deployments, Services etc. on the kubernetes cluster, these objects will grow exponentially and maintaining them becomes a challenge.For example, different teams cannot create services or deployments with the same name or listing of all the pods will take time as the number of pods grow.Namespace is a kubernetes object that … Continue reading Kubernetes Namespaces & Kubens