Free public APIs

  • As part of development or learning activities seldom, we will need APIs which can provide some meaningful data.
  • This could be for development or learning of web applications or to build a Kafka based application using connect or streams.
  • Below is a list of some free publicly accessible APIs, which can be used in such scenarios
API DetailsAPIProvider Details
Date: API for retrieving public holidays of any countryGET /api/v3/PublicHolidays/{Year}/{CountryCode}
Crypto/Finance: Get the list of all traded assets in the crypto exchange.
Crypto/Finance: Ge the list of all traded pairs in the exchange.
Single Data Set: A simple API for predicting the age of a person given their name{{name}}
Counter: The hit endpoint provides increment by one counters directly. Each time its requested the counter will increase by one: –
Email Validation: Validate and verify single email address. Check if email address is disposable, temporary, has invalid MX records, detect if its mistyped, inactive or non-existent.
Image: Random coffee picture
Data: Random fruit data
Data: Online Whisky auction data
Map Data: Get information about place such as country, city, state, latitude, longitude etcGET{{country}}/{{postal-code}}

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