Free public APIs

As part of development or learning activities seldom, we will need APIs which can provide some meaningful data.This could be for development or learning of web applications or to build a Kafka based application using connect or streams.Below is a list of some free publicly accessible APIs, which can be used in such scenarios API … Continue reading Free public APIs

Key Concepts of Stream Processing

Stream processing is similar to any data processing where you read the data ,apply some transformation and then push it somewhere. However there are 3 key concepts that are unique to stream processing Time Time is the most important concept in stream processing and therefore it is important to have a common understanding of time … Continue reading Key Concepts of Stream Processing

Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a client library (API) to build applications that analyze and process data stored in Kafka in real-time. Streams application takes input from a Kafka topic and stores the output also in a Kafka topic and a stream is an ordered, replay-able, and fault-tolerant sequence of immutable data records, where a data record is defined … Continue reading Kafka Streams