How do you find period or times of the day in Java ?

  • I accidentally stumbled upon this feature in Java and although it might not be super useful, I have encountered a few use cases to identify the time or period of the day, such as morning, afternoon, or night and this feature has helped .
  • Starting Java 16 , the DateTimeFormatter class which is used for printing and parsing date-time objects has introduced a new format pattern for that called “B” to identify periods in a day, such as “in the morning” , “in the afternoon”, “in the evening” or “at night” .
String periodOfDay = DateTimeFormatter

  • Output when i ran the above code snippet : “at night”
  • If you want to check the different period of a day in 24 hours , execute the below code
 public static void printDayPeriodsByHour()
        final DateTimeFormatter dateTimeFormat = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("hh B");
        for (int hour = 0; hour < 24; hour++)
            final OffsetDateTime dateTime
            System.out.println("Hour " + hour + ": \"" + dateTimeFormat.format(dateTime) + "\"");
  • Output of the above code

Thank You ! Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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