Kubernetes Cluster & Process Flow of a POD creation

Kubernetes in a production environment will have a collection of clusters.In this kind of setup, generally one of the server will be a master node and rest of the nodes will be worker nodesMaster node does not run any workload and is in-charge of distributing tasks to the worker nodes. You can run workloads on … Continue reading Kubernetes Cluster & Process Flow of a POD creation

What is Dependency Injection & why do we need it ?

Dependency injection is a technique used in software engineering to develop loosely coupled systems.It is a technique that allows an object to receive other objects that it depends on by some other program than it explicitly calling the dependent object.Let us understand why this is needed by an example. I have a Notification Interface which … Continue reading What is Dependency Injection & why do we need it ?

Pijul, the Git Alternative ???

Pijul is a distributed version control system written in Rust and is now available as a beta release .Similar to other version control systems, it is a tool that tracks changes in your files, can revert them, and can merge them with your coauthors’ changes.The architecture and design methodology of Pijul is influenced by the … Continue reading Pijul, the Git Alternative ???

What is Log4j Vulnerability ??

Log4j vulnerability was disclosed on December 9, 2021. It is a serious vulnerability in the java-based logging utility from Apache Software Foundation.This issue was discovered by Chen Zhaojun of Alibaba Cloud Security Team.The flaw has also been dubbed as “Log4Shell,”, and has the highest possible severity rating of 10Log4j is a very popular logging framework used … Continue reading What is Log4j Vulnerability ??

What is a Data Mesh ??

Data mesh is an architectural paradigm about how you think and organize data and its services, similar to microservices which is an architectural pattern for designing and building applications.Microservices based architecture helps to solve the challenges which prevents an organization to be agile and respond quickly to changes like delay in introducing new features, long … Continue reading What is a Data Mesh ??

Chaos Engineering & Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot Applications

Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production. As we build more and more distributed systems by leveraging microservices and cloud platforms, we create a lot of moving parts and potential points of failure which makes these systems … Continue reading Chaos Engineering & Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot Applications