Containers and Developer Experience

Packaging and shipping software as containers has numerous benefits, but doing it without the right tools and techniques leads to poor developer experience.Some of the challenges that i faced are: Local Installation of Docker : Getting Docker installed with root account or account with root privileges has been a challenge due to organizations security policies and this had … Continue reading Containers and Developer Experience

Minikube, kubectl and local development & deployment of apps in Kubernetes

A Kubernetes cluster is a set of physical or virtual machines and other infrastructure resources that are needed to run your containerized applications.Each machine in a Kubernetes cluster is called a node and there are 2 types of node in the clusterMaster node(s): this node hosts the Kubernetes control plane and manages the worker nodes … Continue reading Minikube, kubectl and local development & deployment of apps in Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes and why do you need it ?

Containers help to package an application, it's required libraries and dependencies to run it in any environment. It simplifies the packaging and distribution of application and have become increasingly popular as organizations shift to cloud-native development and hybrid multi-cloud environments.If i have a web application which needs a java runtime, web server, database and message … Continue reading What is Kubernetes and why do you need it ?

Execute multi-container applications (Spring boot & PostgreSQL)

Use Case Run a dockerized spring boot application which has dependency on PostgreSQL docker containerInitialize the database with data while its getting createdMount an external volume so that the data does not get lost when container exits Solution:Step 1: Build a micro service using spring boot to be containerizedClone the following spring boot implementation example … Continue reading Execute multi-container applications (Spring boot & PostgreSQL)

Kubernetes Vs Docker

One of the common question that I encounter in many discussions is - Should I use Docker or Kubernetes? Both of them are leading technology wrt containers but comparing Docker and Kubernetes is wrong, as they are used for different reason and this blog tries to explain what are they are used for and why is it … Continue reading Kubernetes Vs Docker