Java microservices with GraalVM

Microservice is a trending and popular architecture to build applications as it allows organizations to be agile and adopt DevOps and continuous testing practices.Spring Boot is a very popular technology choice to build java based microservices, but it consumes a good amount of memory and spring's runtime reflection approach leads to longer startup times as … Continue reading Java microservices with GraalVM

GraalVM : A JVM written in Java for high performant applications !!

The HotSpot JVM which i shared in the previous blog is suited and optimized for traditional on-premise based applications to provide high throughput and stability.New modern applications are being built for cloud as distributed systems developed using microservices, event driven, asynchronous and reactive design which should scale quickly and efficientlyHotSpot JVM and JIT compiler is … Continue reading GraalVM : A JVM written in Java for high performant applications !!

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Pulumi

Infrastructure as code(IaC) is a very important element in an organizations cloud adoption journey. It helps to bring consistency, standard, speed and most importantly leverage drive cost optimization on cloud. Infrastructure is the underlying computing machinery example physical server, database, network , storage etc which is required for a software to run. In the absence … Continue reading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Pulumi

What is Observability in IT ?

In control systems engineering, observability is defined as a measurement of how well a system's internal states could be inferred from its external outputs. Meaning a system is considered observable if we can determine the behavior of the entire system in a finite time period from the system output. A system whose output doesn't generate … Continue reading What is Observability in IT ?