Pijul, the Git Alternative ???

Pijul is a distributed version control system written in Rust and is now available as a beta release .Similar to other version control systems, it is a tool that tracks changes in your files, can revert them, and can merge them with your coauthors’ changes.The architecture and design methodology of Pijul is influenced by the … Continue reading Pijul, the Git Alternative ???

Execute multi-container applications (Spring boot & PostgreSQL)

Use Case Run a dockerized spring boot application which has dependency on PostgreSQL docker containerInitialize the database with data while its getting createdMount an external volume so that the data does not get lost when container exits Solution:Step 1: Build a micro service using spring boot to be containerizedClone the following spring boot implementationhttps://github.com/rajeshsgr/order-svcThe example … Continue reading Execute multi-container applications (Spring boot & PostgreSQL)